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Picco is an iOs/Android app for sports statistics. Its goal is to transform this complex and costly task into something easy, user-friendly, powerful and free for all. Take your match analysis to a new level.

Match Analysis and Scout

With Picco, you will get full reports of the match, teams and players.


Picco lets you watch a match while registering/tagging actions. The report is created automatically and can be accessed at anytime.

Customize what and how

With Picco Protocol, you can change what and how to measure. Easy and powerful.

Manage your teams

Register your teams and squads to keep track of their statistics.

Bring your team to the next level

Either you are a coach, match analyst, teacher, enthusiast, supporter, blogger, Picco will take to the professional level.

Share with coaches, players, parents, etc.

All the information registered on Picco can be shared. Making better teams, players, students, coaches, happier parents, more professional sites, etc.


Statistics is a very powerful friend and, as such, it shall be simple, supportive and free.

Automatic Reports

Picco automatically suggests you the report template based on the protocol you are applying. A very simple task for a great result.

Customizable Protocols

Create your own protocols/measurements or modify the ones that come with Picco.

Easy setup

Install Picco, create your squad and start your match, as simple as that. Picco comes with embedded protocols so you can start using it immediately.


Picco is designed to be used during a match. With a little practice you will be able to watch the game while providing information to the app, getting your reports right away.


Yes, we believe that statistics for sports shall be easy, user-friendly, powerful and yet, free.

Download Picco

Download Picco for free from Google Play and AppStore clicking on the links below:


 Send us your feedback and ideas

There is much to improve on Picco and a long road ahead. Help us with suggestions, feedback, reporting issues. We look forward to hearing them.

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